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Seema, Life Coach

Seema is a coach who wanted a beautifully-designed website that felt unique to her personality. Deliverables included custom brand elements, layout design, and a responsive website.


The design process

Seema and I started by using Pinterest to gather design inspiration. Seema created a private Pinterest board full of images that she loved and wrote captions to explain why she was drawn to those images. Inspired by Seema's choice of vivid colors and Indian-inspired textures, I created a moodboard.


Based on the moodboard, I designed several custom graphic elements for Seema, including a site-wide header, graphic backgrounds, page separators, and a browser icon. To reflect Seema’s personality, I used bold colors, an Indian-inspired mandala pattern, and gold foil texture. The result is a site that reflects Seema's brand and personality.


"Before hiring Cami, I spent so much time and effort on my site – and still felt like I had nothing to show. Now, I love the colors, fonts, and layout of my site. Cami is a miracle!”


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