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Melonie Collmann

Melonie is a singer and songwriter who creates inspiring, age-appropriate music for pre-teen girls. We worked together to design and build a personal brand website. Deliverables included digital strategy, WordPress web design, email marketing set up.

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Melonie Collmann is a singer and songwriter who creates music that inspires joy, confidence, and self esteem in pre-teen girls. She is also an anti-bullying advocate. Melonie brings 15 years of arts-eductation instruction, multiple theatre and TV credits, and a love of personal development to her music.

The challenge

Melonie needed a brand-new website to showcase her music, mission, and build her audience.

The challenge was to design a site that that would appeal to kids and grownups alike. We wanted to communicate the stories and mission behind Melonie's music, as well as give her audience opportunities to connect with her via blog posts and email.

Shiny, happy design

To craft a site that strikes the right balance between fun and sophisticated, Melonie and I opted for a clean layouts alongside bright pops of color and playful handwriting font. To help Melonie connect with her audience, I built multiple email opt-in areas into her site. Behind the scenes, we crafted a custom email sequence to surprise and delight her audience with bonus content and free downloads.

The end result is a shiny, happy site that will grow alongside Melonie, her business, and and her audience.


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"My main hesitation about hiring a web designer was the cost, but the risk was worth it. What Cami created goes far beyond a website."


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