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Laura Cohen

Laura Cohen is a photographer, choreographer, curator, and musician based in San Francisco. We worked together to create a fully-responsive website that serves as a portfolio of Laura's best work.



Laura Cohen is a photographer, choreographer, curator, and musician, who often incorporates chance operations into her diverse artistic practice. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laura is a member of the Aver Art Collective and frequently collaborates with other artists on films, installations, and other projects.

The challenge

Laura needed a brand-new website to showcase her best work. The challenge was to design a site that displayed the diversity of Laura's artistic practice, while still being cohesive and easy to navigate. It was also important that the site showcase Laura's unique aesthetic and personality.

Less is more design

Laura's personal aesthetic is minimal: black and white, geometric shapes, pops of color. The site's design reflects this. During the website planning stages, we worked to curate Laura portfolio and map out a navigation that makes her work easily accessible. To bring Laura's art to life online, I incorporated full-width video banners and parallax scrolling effects into the site's design.

The end result is a sleek portfolio site that's both artistic and accessible.

laura cohen

"The results were fantastic. I now have all my best work in one shiny new package and it looks great!"


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